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The first step to starting your career in security is the “D” Class. This 42 hour training class will teach you the basic principles of security including; physical security, access control, terrorism awareness, emergency procedures and skill development in report writing, interviewing techniques, crime and accident prevention. Florida requires that the training be taught at a Florida licensed security school. Once you complete the 42 hours of training, a certificate will be issued for successfully completing the training.

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Security Guard Quote was founded on the belief that every person has the ability to shoot with proficiency. We are an institution of NRA Certified Firearms Instructors with different backgrounds of training and experiences and plain old gun lovers with a genuine love for teaching and educating others by sharing our years of knowledge, training, and personal experiences with you!

Our security training programs include Security Officer (Class D License), Statewide Firearm (Class G License), Concealed Weapon License Training (CW License) and other advanced security officer training.